As we find ourselves approaching the month of June we find ourselves staring down the barrel of the pandemic.

Some of us have had it; others are still trying to avoid the inevitability yet others are doing their best to be vaccinated against it. Are we not missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle?

Lockdown is not going anywhere soon, the virus is in no rush to move on and we are obsessed with the problem. For 90% of us the solution is simple!

When Covid-19 appeared, and we found out that we were under attack from this micro invader, the research began to emerge that a strong immune system is the key factor to health. It is an individuals ‘Prana’, life force or Vitality, which defends your body from this micro invader.

Therefore the steps to take are just as subtle & powerful. The human immune system has the ability to assist the body to whether the storm either to stop you being susceptible to being infected and ultimately infecting others or to fight off the virus and halt the onset of the SARS element of this virus.

The time is ‘NOW’ to boost your ‘IMMUNE’ system. And the Green Side Team have developed 4 simple steps to assist you to fortify your immune system.

Step 1:

Boost your immunity through the rich nutrients found within certified organic produce. These nutrients are rich in the essential minerals your body needs to fight sickness. This comes from the soil of our Certified produce, and you can order your very own organic vegetable box with just a simple click:

Step 2:

Take CBD daily to assist your body with homeostasis, a state of equilibrium. Equilibrium is a state of balance due to the equal action of opposing forces within your body. Having an overall balance mentally, emotionally and physically will support your immune system to fight unwanted sickness.

Step 3:

Take immune boosting supplements to prompt the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Step 4:

Ensure you are getting the right amount of deep sleep. If you struggle with insomnia we have products and a system to ensure you are getting the right amount and quality of sleep. Its good old-fashioned sleep that is required for a strong immune system.

The Green Side team wellness coaches are on ‘team’ to assist you for free with all the info you need to build your own unique program by following the steps suggested above.

Contact us now, for any further assistance:

Send a WhatsApp now to 0737830333 with the words ‘Help now’ and we will be in touch to assist you.

The Farmacy expanded:

The Green Side your local farmacy, is here to assist your with the fight.

Before we unpack further one must understand the true meaning of what a FARMacy truly is. A farmacy is a new type of unique store that focuses on Food as Real Medicine.

We begin with a weekly box of Certified organic vegetables. This produce is sourced from our main farm that is  ‘CERES’ certified. This is a UK body that charges an annual fee to certify compliance with UK Organic farming standards.

We build you an ideal seasonal box of 10 items. You do have the ability to build your own box with more of what u want as well.

We also further stock ‘peer’ based items that you can buy off the shelf in our store to add to your box. ‘Peer’ means that the farm adheres to Organic farming principles but have not gone for the full Certification yet.

Every Wednesday & Thursday we deliver the freshest Gauteng based Organic produce to your Kitchen all over Gauteng.

Box sizes:


  1. Micro Box R160, 00: contains 6 Items
  2. Studio Box R250, 00: contains 10 Items
  3. Choice Box R340, 00: contains 13 Items

To see what is in the box click here:

Now you can add more of what you want and need into the box:

Certified Add-ons:

(Add list )

At The Green Side, we will assist you with your program to health. The Green Side Team has Wellness coaches to build you your own unique program. We follow the steps suggested above.

* If you are not taking CBD, START now. Your body needs a base of CBD to fight this pandemic effectively for recovery, for more information click here:

* For daily maintenance you can go with 150, 300 or 600mg full spectrum CBD in a 30ml bottle.

* For treatment for SARS corona virus (SARS-Co V) you need high dosage 600,1000,1500mg full spectrum CBD in a 30ml bottle .

Add immune boosting supplements into your box:

By now we have been in the fight for over 15 months and you need to take a variety of immune boosting supplements to fight this disease and ensure you have a strong immunity. Combine multi-strain blended immune boosters with wild crafted herbs such as; Chaga mushroom, ginger leaf tincture, garlic etc:


It is our SLEEP HYGENE that we need to examine next & adjust.

We don’t need to sleep ‘like the dead’ every night. We do need to be able to fall asleep when we want to and enjoy great sleep that allows our brain to detox and our body to rest.

Follow these simple steps to adjust your sleep hygiene for maximum effect.

A~     Go to sleep between 21-45 and 11-00.
B~     No blue light from your mobile, TV etc 1 hour before sleep.
C~     Take natural sleep supplements, these are available from the FARMACY at The Green Side , once you have had your free zoom sleep hygiene consult.
D~     Enjoy a 20 min cool bath with 5 drops of lavender.
E~     Have a cup of cool Chamomile tea.
F~     Unplug your TV and other devices with white noise frequencies
G~    Get a minimum of 6 hours deep sleep per night

This does not come natural to us all, so to assist you  with this program we are offering free coaching. You can pop into the Green Side for a consult or book a time for a ‘one on one’  20 minute ‘Zoom consult’. To book meetings go to:

Add anti anxiety tinctures & powders into your box.

As level 3 adjusted lockdown has now re-emerged, we are beginning to feel caged in, living through a sick version of ‘Groundhog Day’. This is most certainly going to cause a little anxiety for all of us. For some who are prone to suffer from anxiety, ‘Lock down’ will only make it worse and may lead to a medical condition ‘anxiety disorder’.

The term “anxiety disorder” refers to specific psychiatric disorders that involve extreme fear or worry, and includes generalized anxiety disorder (GAD),  panic disorder and panic attacks.

We are here to assist you to decode your anxiety and combat it head on by finding the correct mix of herbs and tinctures from the ‘apothecary’.
Please contact us for a free zoom session to assist you during these difficult times:

Anxiety and The Green Side Apothecary.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. It does not appear to alter consciousness or trigger a “high.” A recent surge in scientific publications has found preclinical and clinical evidence documenting value for CBD in some neuropsychiatric disorders, including epilepsy, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Evidence points toward a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system.


Sceletium tortuosum is a succulent plant commonly found is South Africa and is also known as Kanna. The plant has been used as a mood altering substance for millennia.

It has traditionally been used to fight stress, anxiety and depression. 


Brahmi is one of the oldest traditional Ayurvedic medicines in India. Historically its use can be traced back more than 3000 years, with references linking it to ancient holy texts .

This phenomenal herb can also reduce stress and anxiety by elevating your mood, increasing serotonin production and reducing levels
of cortisol in the body.


Cancerbush (formerly sutherlandia frutescens)
is a much-respected and long-used medicinal plant in South Africa, perhaps even our most significant indigenous medicine. Traditional uses for this amazing plant include the treatment of depression and anxiety, asthma and bronchitis, kidney infections, moderate hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and more recently as a treatment for both HIV/Aids and cancer.

Significant amounts of GABA have also been found in Cancer Bush. This compound is an inhibitory neurotransmitter useful in the treatment of stress and anxiety.

Gotu Kola:

Gotu Kola is without a doubt one of the most powerful weeds we know of. This extremely fast growing and tenacious plant is cherished in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and is mentioned in many ancient pharmacopoeia’s from around the world.

Gotu kola has a particularly long list of traditional uses including disorders of the mind
( Alzheimer’s), mental fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and insomnia. as well as improved circulation, wound healing and detoxification.

Reishi mushroom:

Reishi mushroom – Ganoderma lucidum and other related species has been revered since the dawn of modern culture. Reishi has been recognized as a medicinal mushroom for over 2000 years, and its powerful effects have been documented in many ancient manuscripts.

This fungus consistently demonstrated a profound ability to nourish vitality, relax the nervous system, calm the mind, and promote a state of relaxed focus and concentration.


Please see our full price list attached to this notice or alternatively visit our online store,

Please feel free to reach out as we move into level 3 adjusted.

We know you need assistance so we have opened a new store in Sandton, to further our reach.

The new store will now be the new home of Fresh & Healthy, and we will be building our boxes here .

If you miss the Tuesday cut off, you can always make contact with us and we will build you a box and deliver it to you asap.

Our hours are:

Monday to Friday                         Sat & Sun

9-00 to 18-00                                10-00 to 16-00 .

Our adress’s

The Green Side Mother ship store: 27 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside.

The Green Side Flag ship store: 34 Bowling Rd, Wendy wood.

Sincerely your Green Side team.

Stay safe, stay sane.

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