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CBD & COVID-19 & SARS ,’Severe acute respiratory syndrome ‘.


In Summary,


CBD supports your bodies immune system and speeds up recovery

from COVID-19.


The Virus may leads to SARS ,’Severe acute respiratory syndrome ‘ a viral

respiratory disease caused by corona virus.


CBD assist the respiratory cells by triggering the cells protective processors and

slowing down Cell death ‘Lysis’.


Expanded .

CBD, once again has astounded us with its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties .


So why is CBD needed now .


Cbd as part of maintenance endocannabinoid program will assist the body with

Homeostasis , state of equilibrium ,. This will result in a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM.


To understand why Cbd assists Covid-19, Sars recovery , we need to understand

how the virus works .


In severe cases , the SARS corona virus (SARS-Co V), causes Severe acute

respiratory syndrome (sars), a viral respiratory disease.


The Coronavirus virus, a ‘RNA virus class 4’, will infect the cell , of the respiratory

system , the ‘Respiratory epithelium’

It Infects the cell by attaching to a receptor on the cell and finally results in Lysis ,

cell death.


The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system composed of

endocannabinoids, which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters

that bind to cannabinoid receptors (CBRs), and cannabinoid receptor proteins that

are expressed throughout the vertebrate central nervous system (including the

brain) and peripheral nervous system.

Phyto-cannabinoids , are the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the

cannabis plant like CBD.


The CBD also pairs with a receptor on the cell, it pairs with a CB1 receptor .

The result is that this pairing controls the reaction of the cells to this infection by It

triggers protective processors by the cell slowing down ‘Lysis’ , cell death.

CBD may also assist the body as a powerful anti-inflammatory , this helps the lungs

that are severely compromised .

Cbd may slows down the Cytokine storm , the bodies natural defence to the virus .

The body reacts so severely that its heat generation can result in organ shut down

due to lack of oxygen .


Please see the youtube video of Gershom Zajicek M.D.

Faculty of Medicine

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

‘CBD speeds up recovery from Coronavirus

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