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Our position is that of life coaching in the ‘Endocannabinoid, foods as medicine & naturopathy ‘ field..
We make no medical claims, we offer information backed up by research and experience where possible .
Today we find ourselves in lock down, level 3, adjusted. Never before has it been so easy to find your path to perfect health. 2021 is all about resilience! Resilience in our home, our relationships and obviously resilience of our health.
If you are still feeling caged in, living through a sick version of ‘Groundhog Day, or for some who are prone to suffer from anxiety, ‘Lock down’ will only make it worse and may lead to a medical condition ‘anxiety disorder’.
The term “anxiety disorder” refers to specific psychiatric disorders that involve extreme fear or worry, and includes generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder and panic attacks, etc

Definition of anxiety .
‘Anxiety is an emotion characterised by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.
People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry. They may also have physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, dizziness or a rapid heartbeat.
Adapted from the Encyclopedia of Psychology

We are going to assist you with steps on how to decode the anxiety and start the road to recovery.

As we understand anxiety is a psychiatric disorder and often those who suffer from anxiety, can not stop themselves from thinking about things. They think so much that sleep cycles are disturbed and more often than not, the person will then fall into a fight or flight mode and will not be able to act positively or effectively at all.

The first thing to do is to realise, that we need to separate in our head’s that which we can control and that which is out of our control.

To continually focus/ obsess on the things we have no control over will increase the levels of anxiety in our body and ultimately move from an emotional disorder to an actual physiological illness.

As the severity increases our bodies become comprised and other disorders appear, like high blood pressure, Irritable bowl syndrome etc

Once we have started to correct our thinking and set up mechanism to help our emotional state, we can then start dealing with the symptoms of the anxiety we feel.

The second step is ‘homeostasis’ ,
This focusing on our bodies state of equilibrium that leads to our perfect health. We must focus on our holistic well being .

Our physical body needs to be nurtured correctly. We need to eat more Organic food, rich in minerals from the soil that our body is lacking .

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We need to cut down on animal products and eat more whole food that feeds our body without something ‘living’ needing to die.
We need to add super foods and supplements to our diet. This will fortify our body and give us new amino acid, minerals & nutrients that we require

We need to take CBD daily as its our Endocannabinoid system that is essential to assist our bodies with homeostasis.

We need to look at our gut health. The anxiety causes a build-up of acid in the gut . We need to avoid excessive acid from coffee, alcohol etc . We must take probiotics and consume more alkaline foods & drinks e.g. Kombucha, Kefer etc, this will help settle the gut .

The next step is to move more. We need to do daily yoga or stretching.
We need to dance more, put on music and dance like you are at a night club. We need to play more. Set up an adult adventure course uniquely created for the adults. Do puzzles, play board games and if you are lucky enough to have children, play with them much more.

Then lastly we need to combat our anxiety head on by finding the correct mix of herbs and tinctures from the ‘apothecary’.

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Anxiety and The Green Side Apothecary.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. It does not appear to alter consciousness or trigger a “high.” A recent surge in scientific publications has found preclinical and clinical evidence documenting value for CBD in some neuropsychiatric disorders, including epilepsy, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Evidence points toward a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system. Interest in CBD as a treatment of a
wide range of disorders has exploded, yet few clinical studies of CBD exist in the psychiatric literature.
Sceletium tortuosum is a succulent plant commonly found is South Africa and is also known as Kanna.
The plant has been used as a mood altering substance for millennia.
It has traditionally been used to fight stress, anxiety and depression.

Brahmi is one of the oldest traditional ayurvedic medicines in India. historically its use can be traced back more than 3000 years, with references linking it to ancient holy texts.
This phenomenal herb can also reduce stress and anxiety by elevating your mood, increasing serotonin production and reducing levels
of cortisol in the body.
Cancerbush (formerly sutherlandia frutescens)
is a much-respected and long-used medicinal plant in South Africa, perhaps even our most significant indigenous medicine.
Traditional uses for this amazing plant include the treatment of depression and anxiety, asthma and bronchitis, kidney infections, moderate hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and more recently as a treatment for both HIV/Aids and cancer.
The therapeutic properties of Cancer Bush are based on its ability to help the human body mobilize its own immunologic and physiologic resources to help combat diseases and fight mental and emotional stress.
Significant amounts of GABA have also been found in Cancer Bush. This compound is an inhibitory neurotransmitter useful in the treatment of stress and anxiety
Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola is without a doubt one of the most powerful weeds we know of. This extremely fast growing and tenacious plant is cherished in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and is mentioned in many ancient pharmacopoeia’s from around the world.
Gotu kola has a particularly long list of traditional uses including disorders of the mind
(Alzheimer’s), mental fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and insomnia. as well as improved circulation, wound healing and detoxification.
Mucuna is a phenomenal creeping vine that can be found growing in many tropical regions of the world including India, the Caribbean and many areas of Africa to name but a few.
Traditionally the bean has been used to lower stress, reduces anxiety, improves focus, boosts the libido, elevates mood and most notably to treat parkinsonism and neurodegeneration.
Mucuna seeds contains tryptamines, polyphenols and tannins and are thus far the only known naturally occurring sources of L-Dopa – the precursor to dopamine, an important neurotransmitter that is essential for sleep, memory, mood, mental functions, and calming the nervous system. The presence of L-Dopa makes mucuna a vital ally for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease – nerve cells that
produce dopamine in the brain slowly break down or die. So people with the disease have lowered levels of dopamine, which causes abnormal brain activity. L-Dopa has been proven t0 cross the blood – brain barrier and undergo conversion to dopamine, restoring neurotransmission.
Liquorice Root
Liquorice for most people is a typical Dutch delicacy, but the origin of this amazing plant as a medicine lies far back in history to the ancient times of Babylonia and Egypt.
This tasty plant is also a vital ally for those struggling with stress and exhaustion as it is a formidable adaptogen – stimulating the adrenal gland, thus promoting healthy levels of cortisol in the body.
Liquorice is known to have 8 different anti- depressant compounds, known as MOA (monoamine oxidase) inhibitors. These inhibitors are capable of potent antidepressant activity and show significant improvement for all types of depression. The compound, glycyrrhizin breaks down cortisol, the stress hormone, enabling the body to deal with stress.
It also contains Isoflavone and Isoflavones, additional compounds that have been shown to have antidepressant properties.
Reishi mushroom .
Reishi mushroom – Ganoderma lucidum and other related species has been revered since the dawn of modern culture. Reishi has been recognized as a medicinal mushroom for over 2000 years, and its powerful effects have been documented in many ancient manuscripts.
This fungus consistently demonstrated a profound ability to nourish vitality, relax the nervous system, calm the mind, and promote a state of relaxed focus and concentration.
Lion’s mane mushroom.
This gourmet edible mushroom has been used for hundreds of years by healers & chefs alike in China, India, Japan & Korea – but with new modern research, only now can we truly understand this mushrooms phenomenal medicinal benefits.
Lions mane has been found to increase memory, understanding, communication, sharpness, & concentration. It has also shown great effect in treating stress & anxiety making it a wonderful medicine for all ages – not just those suffering from neurological deterioration.

Druids Garden Lion’s Mane Tincture

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