Fresh and Healthy Diner

Menu valid June 2 to June 16th.

Dear patrons, welcome to our one of a kind ‘Plant Based Diner’. We combine:  certified & peer organic produce, with GMO free ethically sourced ingredients. Please be advised that we pride ourselves on our unique fresh & healthy approach, and your meal will take some time. We charge a flat R80 for a full meal experience, this includes your choice of Hot or iced Coffee & Tea. If you are in a rush, you can enjoy our Hit & Run ‘naked’ menu items for only R65, 00. We do offer a choice of 3 sides at R30 each. You won’t believe your tastebuds


Breakfast Menu: Monday to Friday 9-00 to 11-30. Saturday & Sunday 10-00 to 11-30

Garden party breakfast bowl R80 (Prepared with activated ‘Gluten Free’ oats)

A beautiful marriage of Steel cut activated oats with a spiral of fresh apples, pears, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds with a drizzle of our nectar from our bee friends from druids gardens.

Fry up R80

The breakfast of Champions served as described; Exotic mushrooms, sauteed cherry tomatoes, slice of seasonal fruit and your choice of:  tofu scramble, Cauliflower scramble or hero mushroom’s. Enjoy this dish with a choice of sourdough or Gluten free toast.

‘Hit & Run’ items.

Peanut butter ‘Power Oat Smoothie’ R65 (Prepared with activated ‘Gluten Free’ oats)

Start off your morning with a surge of raw peanut power, bananas, dates, protein powder, a splash of ‘Gluten free’ oats milk and a sprinkle of our certified organic cinnamon powder all blended to perfection with a free tutorial from our Chef on site.

Green Goddess Smoothie R65 (Prepared with Avo, Dates, Kale, Spinach & Protein Powder)

Created with love for health conscious individuals that enjoy having a bit of green in their everyday smoothie also blended to perfection with a free tutorial from our chef on site.

Lunch menu: Monday to Friday 12-00 to 17-30. Saturday & Sunday 10-00 to 11-30

Gourmet Sloppy joes/Naked sloppy (Lentil ragu with a topping of added condiments served with sweet potato fries or a side salad) R80

A guilt free heart-warming meal that gets your taste buds lit up like a Christmas tree. The journey begins with a Lentil Dhal prepared to perfection with a combination of: mustard seeds, onions, ginger, garlic, cumin, masala and turmeric to create a patina crust that’s melted away by adding Italian tomatoes combining all the flavours together. You can enjoy this dish served ‘naked ‘on a bun just like your old school burger for R65 or our full Gourmet version served on an open gluten free , carb conscious  wrap with a full selection of condiments.

Chef’s Burger (Chickpea & Black bean ‘smash’ burger served with sweet potato fries or a side salad) R80

A new approach on a classic burger made from scratch with a secret blend of spices and vegetables that are organic and sustainably sourced unfortunately that’s as far as the chef is willing to go in terms of ingredients LOL!

Chef’s salad (Out of this world seasonal salad with a wicked dressing) R80

Picked From our gorgeous garden a medley of fresh greens, served with a rich source of seasonal organic produce that will always add a unique flavour. Our protein source is a marinated chickpea, adding the cherry on the top of this awesome dish.

Chef’s Loaded Wrap R80

The Salad above loaded onto an awesome open gluten free, carb conscious wrap, served with sweet potato fries or a side salad.

Toasted Sandwich R65 (Out of this world pan toasted sandwich, served with a combination of vegan cheese)

A beautiful rendition of the classic toasted tomato and cheese sandwich, served on

Gluten free bread or Sourdough bread.

Sides R35

Sweet potato fries
Chef’s slaw
Garden side salad