‘Fresh & Healthy’ Manifesto

Fresh & Healthy

Dear loyal Fresh & Healthy customer,

After some time of prototyping, we are delighted to be converting our VEGGIE club to your ORGANIC COLLECTIVE to assist your road to optimal health.

The major challenge of F&H transfer from Farm to Kitchen has been overcome. We are proud that we deliver you the freshest Certified Organic Vegetables from the farm to your house on the same day every Wednesday 11 months of the year.


‘you are what u eat ”

Your collective is made up of like minded individuals who place extreme value on the knowledge that the vegetables are INDEED organic, certified and perfect for all programs.

As a body of like-minded people we understand that our physical body needs to be fed the best quality organic produce to reach optimal health. If we are to contribute to our lives and others in a meaningful way we need to make sure of what we eat.

We eat to live and understand that using our food as medicine, FARMacy, we can build up our vitality our essential life force. Our: Prana, Chi & OHR

Unfortunately, most vegetables that you buy from your favorite super market are Pharmaceutically farmed with loads of insecticide, antibiotics and GMO.
This is a red card a no, no for our community.

Our Mission.

  • To distribute certified organic Veggies & Fruit In your City straight from the farm to your door.
  • To assist you with your all FARMacy supply products e.g., Supplements, Vitamins and Super Foods.
  • To source & supply the best Farm Fresh perishable goods free of: additives preservatives and common chemicals used in such foods.

The above Mission will be undertaken at the best possible prices related to organic foods. We plan to take out the middle man, for you where we can.

The How

By joining our collective we only ask & require our VIP customers to order just one Fresh & Healthy studio box a month.
Consisting of 8 Vegetables & 2 Fruits for R244 excluding delivery.

The delivery Fee is set at R51, subject to change due to inflation, and we deliver every Wednesday.


In The UK, Organic veggies are grown by farms and distributed to households in a weekly box or basket scheme. This is the basis of Seasonality Supply.
Eating what is grown in your area in the correct season assist your body with maximum nutrient uptake. This is the basis of our organic club.

What is in the box.

We have differentiated our box from the other organic veggie schemes and have a unique offering.

For couples and singles, we offer a 6 item box which can also be used as baseline box to add on and build your own. This is the F&H Micro Box of 6 items for R160.

Every week we offer a box of 8 varieties of vegetables and 2 fruit.

This is the F&H studio box of 10 items for R250.

We have now scaled this up to family size box by adding in duplications of 3 vegetable varieties, normally carrots, Swiss chard and tomatoes.
This is the F&H choice box of 13 items for R340.

The basic 6 items cannot be changed but when building a box you may choose your additional items. From time to time, the farm has as many as 13 unique items. A box can take a maximum of 16 items; this is to make sure we have enough to go around.

A list of ‘what is in the box’, is posted every Monday on FREE-DAY(Friday), around 11-00 am and our F&H Support staff will send out mailers weekly. Please plan your order well in advance of Tuesdays 15-00 pm.

What Organic fresh items can I add to my box?

We publish an ‘add on price list’ every 2 weeks consisting of items that we have extra of and are not numerous enough for the box scheme. We also include special sought after items like Shelled Pecan Nuts, Frozen Organic Berries and more…

What Dry Certified Organic items can i add to the box?

We offer an extensive range of imported dry Certified organic items from Chickpeas to Rice including loads of nuts and dry fruit’s absolutely preservatives free.

We endeavor to offer you the best price in the market and if not please inform us and we will investigate.
We can accommodate up to 6 extra items, depending on what they are.


The definition of a super food is a varietal that occurs naturally and has SUPER healing and Wellness properties. Most of the items can be found easily, but as food today has lost its essence, we have teamed up with the Organic Community to bring you an array of Superfoods and healthy foods alike.

These items can be expensive but are integral to the FARMacy culture of boosting and blasting. We will offer the items at very competitive rates.

Once you are happy that you are getting what you want, we will provide superfoods to you without any of the expensive packaging. When needed bulk orders are available.

We do hold in stock 11 superfoods types. This includes all items that linked to our 5 modalities of health, we will also offer you our ‘CERTO’ vip customers, any other superfood item you need.

All superfoods can be added to your box at no extra delivery charge

The Health Store.

We have teamed you with a health store and offer you a select range of supplements vitamins and other health items, like immune boosting tablets.
We also will assist your with Earth friendly body and household items like; toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, dish washer, general cleaner and laundry detergent. All natural and where possibly proudly South African

We have teamed up with leading Homeopaths , Naturopaths, Mycologist’s and Ethnos-botanists to bring to you a fully stocked Apothecary.
When needed we consult with our partners and their wealth of extreme knowledge to assist you with natural remedies as an alternative to regular allopathic treatments.


As a Certo vip customer we now will offer you on delivery day the option of purchasing farm fresh products.
These items are often not Organic but are free of additives, preservatives, sugars etc.

We have recently partnered with a goat’s milk product micro/dairy.
The Farm sells the most delicious Goats milk products;
Cottage Cheese, Chevre Rolls, Halloumi, Feta, Yoghurts, Milk and Kefir.

We are evaluating new suppliers on an ongoing basis and our latest item is Organic Kombucha.
This category will be increased on a monthly basis and we plan to offer gluten and carb free breads and other awesome products.

Fresh & Healthy FARMacy Coding

We understand that you all purchase items for different reasons, from general heath, diets to combat ailments, and diets to combat or prevent dread disease.

We have created a coding system identifying whether the item is Certified Organic, Peer organic or farm fresh.

  • CER, Certified Organic, Our Farm is certified by CERES, the UK based organization that sets the international standard.
  • PEER. ‘Organic in Conversion’. This stands for suppliers that we have personally visited, and are making the move to be Certified Organic and we can give them the thumbs up.
  • FF&E, Farm fresh and ethical. We are not just happy with farm fresh and free of additives, sugars and preservatives but insist on ethical farming. As we deplore the modern treatment of animals in farming. Our Goat cheese supplier is such. We also give FF&E the thumbs up, but we don’t recommend for FARMacy purposes.

Please ask for the coding when needed. In due course the website will be updated.


For you our Certo vip customers, we are happy to deliver and get paid later.
You can place an order on whatsapp and pay by EFT.

F&H service team.

We have a dedicated service team consisting of Daniel, Dikiledi, Myron and Rayn.

You are welcome to email the team your requirements. They will send you a quote in our cloud based accounting packag. Where you can accept just by clicking the link. This converts the quote to an order and prompts the team to action.


We can accommodate 300 Certo VIP customers and 100 boxes a week. We need you to refer your family and friends, as this is your ORGANIC COLLECTIVE.

We need your help, you referrals allow us to maintain low pricing. With time we will develop a rewards and incentive program. At this stage for every referred order we will give you 6 free eggs or Veggie to the value.


We understand that you need assistance with your FARMacy , your food as medicine.
Vital to this practice is boosting and blasting with a Nutribullet therefore we have tied up with Nutribullet SA and endeavor to get you your Bullet Blender and Accessories at the best price in the market.

Boosting is where u combine your Organic vegetables with superfoods to boost your body with a specific modality in mind. Basting is where you combine your organic vegetables with super foods to blast your body for a short-term benefit. We offer demonstrations and information on each of the Boost and Blast modalities.

Alkaline boosting, Immune boosting, inflammation boosting, Power blasting, circulation blasting.

Now you have it,

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