• jacob
    Happy choose-day .   Hi all Happy Choose-day, why choose-day? Well itโ€™s the day we order veggies form the farm and you get to choose your box size and add in your extras. Today is no normal choose-day, time of lock down and we must appreciate how something so tiny, a virus, can cause such mayhem. Dear friends the answer is simple, its about paying attention to your body. Its your body that you need
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  • Corona virus
    Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚ Our Fresh & Healthy team have taken the time to find everyone an appropriate insight to the Covid-19 situation we are currently facing. The following information comes from the mouth and fingers of an expert epidemiologist. “I am an epidemiologist. What that means is I study how diseases develop, behave, and spread and have been trained in how to appropriately evaluate the evidence and information related to a health issue. I have