Monate Chilli Mini Bar


Cacao content: 70%  single origin, Tanzanian cacao. 

Ingredients: cacao beans** raw cacao butter** Birch xylitol syrup** in-house dehydrated chilli powder* Himalayan sea salt* love.

Sweetened with Birch xylitol.







**Certified organic ingredients

*Free of refined sugar – sweetened with organic xylitol

*Artisanal, handcrafted dark chocolate.




This is a hot one! Chilli powder peppers this exquisite handcrafted dark chocolate bar. The spicy ingredient heats up already intense chocolate flavour of the cacao to create a thermogenic taste sensation.

Monate gorgeous, guilt-free chocolate is handcrafted from organic, ethical, raw ingredients and is free of refined sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, additives, preservatives and any other artificial ingredients.

20 g


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