Monate Coconut Bonbon x 2


Cacao content: 83% dark chocolate hand-dipped to enrobe a 70% soft chocolate centre with sun-dried coconut shavings. Made with organic, raw, single-origin Tanzanian cocoa. Ethically sourced chocolate that’s good for you and the environment.

Ingredients: cacao beans* raw cacao butter* coconut oil* Blue agave* virgin cold-pressed coconut oil* Himalayan sea salt.




Monate Chocolate Bonbon Truffles have a luxurious creamy soft cacao & coconut centre enrobed in 83% dark chocolate. From the sumptuous soft inside to the decadently pure dark shell, they’re made from whole, ethical and organic cacao.
No animal products or dairy means vegans and non-vegans alike can devour the tastiness and they’re sweetened with agave nectar as a low GI option for those watching their sugar intake.


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